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If the speed and scope of the upheavals sweeping through Arab world in recent months was to some extent predictable — many regional observers...

The Roots of Hungary’s New Constitution

Hungary’s new constitution defines marriage as between a man and a woman only, establishes life as beginning at the moment of conception, and drops...

That’s incredible

ILOVE SHOPPING - Shopping can help you live longer. That’s not the motto of some consumer guru but the result of authoritative research. ...

By the numbers

SEXYGAP 13: number of times a day men think about sex, totaling 4,745 times a year. They only have sex 101 times a year...

Do the Shiites Pose a Real Threat?

Though recent uprisings in the Arab world have been studiously labeled as secular uprising, the fact remains that the Shiites of the Middle East...


The power of the media: the focus and credibility of information in today’s world

Media and its influence on our perception of the world