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ADOPT A MANAGERYou have no male heir who can manage your business? Adopt a manager! It’s the new solution that major Japanese companies have found to the lack of heirs in their dynasties.

The crisis brings change

In times of crisis a new way of living is being developed, cohousing. It means leaving together while still having one’s own individual spaces, rediscovering the true value of neighbourhood that urban forms of existence have quashed.

God of managers, God of prophets

Since the death of God, religion has been doing very well. The uncertainty is: it’s spelt “religion”, but how do you pronounce it?

The Greek Weird Wave

Not only in Greece, but also in Spain and Portugal the film industry is experiencing a moment of explosive creativity. The unease and uncertainty seem to be channelled into a form of “filmic cubism”, a nouvelle vague spawned by the crisis.

Eur’a popstar

The hit parades, the best selling music charts, provide an increasingly less reliable snapshot – partly due to uncontrolled downloading from the internet – of average musical tastes and the top pop song in every country. In the case of Europe, half the countries provide proof that the shift to globalisation has not been too traumatic.


Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

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