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Workers in tijuana

Brightly lit skyscrapers where everyone’s good looking, depressed and violent family life after work, or the unusual retirement of a Mexican janitor and nurse. Film talks about the world of occupation and its many leading characters on and off the screen. Cinema can offer entertainment that distracts from our daily reality (in blockbuster films such as the Transformers or Pirates of the Caribbean series). Or offer a heightened, more perfect and dream-like variety of it, as in the countless romantic comedies where no one ugly seems to work in an office (unless they get a makeover scene) and where most problems revolve around misunderstandings that have to be straightened out before reaching the inevitable happy end. If you want to read it all, purchase the entire issue in pdf for just three euro

MIST Sound

An overview of the charts in the MIST countries offers sweet melodies on troubled love, football anthems for a national side, K-pop dolls and post-punk electronic duets. This is what one listens and dances to in the new emerging nations. LLORAR – Jesse & Joy (ft. Mario Domm) Jesse and Joy, brother and sister, are a Mexican duo of considerable alternative music fame. Their latest hit is one of the theme tunes of the telenovela Coronas de Lagrimas, last season’s TV sensation in Argentina and Mexico. The age-old plot takes us back to the origins of the genre: the thwarted and tragic love between the honest son of a poor family, who tries to conceal his origins, and the petulant daughter of a rich and deceitful lawyer. If you want to read it all, purchase the entire issue in pdf for just three euro

Editorial – New Champions

After ten years of porteño life in Buenos Aires, my friend Emiliano Guanella, a courageous Italian freelance journalist, has moved to Rio de Janeiro because, he says, “Brazil is where things happen”. In musical terms, it’s like switching from the swoon of the tango to the energy of the samba. But this summer, even the Brazilian samba turned into an angry capoeira: protests in 100 cities, dissent against the ‘futebol god’ and derisive slogans calling for “More bread, less games!”


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Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

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