March/April 2019

THE REACTIONARY REVOLUTION – The Yellow Vests: suburban France feels left behind and is organising barricades at toll booths, assaulting newsrooms and the homes of journalists and members of parliament. The enemy? Macron, large urban centres, Europe and globalisation.

ITALY – The impossible alliance: having signed a contract for government with a private sector ring to it, the political destinies of the League and 5 Star movement are gradually diverting, as they prepare to clash at the next European elections.

DOSSIER – Europe: election special. Who's to blame for Euro-scepticism: the press and its tainted account of the Union or inefficient European Governance?

INDIA – the most packed polling stations in the world: 900 million voters elect the Lower Chamber's parliamentary representatives. Modi's party still looks to be in the lead.


FRONT PAGE - +Europe in the world

by Giuseppe Scognamiglio


by Mana Neyestani

EASTWEST - Emmanuel’s comeback

by Giuseppe Scognamiglio


Paris overthrown

by Danilo Ceccarelli

The ineffectual revolt

by Francesco Saraceno

The elite vs the burbs

by Jan-Pierre Darniss

“Ode to Joy” or “La Marseillaise”?

by Paola Peduzzi

GLOBAL GOVERNANCE - Europe in the crossfire

by Vincenzo Camporini

NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS - Rescue missions: the outrageous charge

by Serena Grassia


POLITICS - The impossible alliance  

by Gerardo Fortuna

ECONOMY - Supply-side rules the day

by Roberta Carlini


The Brussels Report

by Ilaria Sbarigia and

EUROPEAN UNION - A social Europe exists  

by Francesco Clementi

Brexit is about to get real

by Alessandro Marrone

POINT OF VIEW - Clash of titans

by Romano Prodi e Giuseppe Cucchi

UKRAINE - Yulia’s return

by Oleksly Bondarenko

GIBRALTAR - The Rock of discord

by Mario Magarò

GEORGIA - Salome’s dream

by Riccardo Intini

EUROPEAN CONSCIENCE - Leadership required

by Erik Jones


by Simone Benazzo



by redazione

Who’s to blame for Euroscepticism? 

by Beda Romano

BOOKS - With migrations, you can win or lose

by Claudia Delpero

ART - Europe: land of fashion and luxury

by Guido Talarico

Sovereigntists ahoy!

by Gerardo Pelosi

Banned from voting

by Claudia Delpero

US and China face off with Brussels as ref

by Romeo Orlandi

Africa: where the trouble starts

by Angelino Alfano


The New York report

by Ilaria Sbarigia

UNITED STATES - Where Trump’s eagle flies

by Matteo Laruffa

SOUTH AMERICA - Someone to the rescue

by Carlo Cauti

INDIA - The world’s most packed polling stations

by Nicholas Nugent

INDONESIA - With the Bible and Sharia

by Alessandro Ursic

IRAN - 40 tough years

by Sergio Colombo

JORDAN - Monarchy and government in trouble

by Matteo Meloni

YEMEN - A temporary peace

by Tommaso Canetta

CAMEROON - Yaoundé gets red-carded

by Marco Cochi

MARKETS & POLITICS - Germany and its world-record surplus

by Gulomar Tarada