AREA30,528 sq km
GDP378,987 milion € (2013)
INFLATION1,2% (2014)
MEDIAN AGE43 years

Who did it?

Mana Neyestani

Russia and the Brussels attacks. Moscow is not safer than us.

Zhirinovsky said that if Europe would leave the Russian Special Forces work it no longer have to fear the terrorists, while many prominent politicians from the Duma members to party leaders, blame the Europe itself. The truth is that Russia is safer than Europe.
Danilo Elia

Lobbies Under Watch in Brussels

Not all the lobbies in Brussels  follow the EU transparency rules. The anti-corruption  organization Transparency International verified that different organizations registered in the EU Transparency Register are not compliant with the data they filled on the Transparency Register. Their data regarding their activities and lobbying budget are quite often not transparent.
Irene Giuntella

Jews face new fears in Europe

«Jews in Europe still fear for their safety today», the European Parliament's President Martin Schulz said commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and following the terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine and the Kosher shop in Paris. «That is something that must frighten us and we need to resist that fear. <<We need to ensure that this hatred does not become contagious», he added.
Irene Giuntella

Brussels notebook

HIDE AND SEEKGeorge Orwell's ubiquitous Big Brother never truly materialised in 1984. But a new intrusive eye – similar to the one imagined by the British author – has started to concern civil liberties activists in Europe.
James Fontanella Khan