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News, studies, artistic and literary references on the issues discussed. Materials available and downloadable to explore the theme of policies on migrations, integration, security.




‘I will solve the migrant crisis’: New PM Theresa May vows to bring back control of British borders and end free movement for EU citizens

Charlie Moore, July 13, 2016

Anti-Muslim sentiment on rise in Europe due to migration and Isil as continent rejects multi-cultural society

Peter Foster, July 12, 2016

Migration to Greece by the Aegean Sea Has Plummeted, U.N. Says

Sewell Chan, July 8, 2016

MEPs back plans for more robust EU border control system

July 7, 2016

Human rights Orgs voice concern over Hungary’S new border rules

July 6, 2016


EUROPEAN COMMISSION – Delivering the European Agenda on Migration: Commission presents Action Plan on Integration and reforms ‘Blue Card’ scheme for highly skilled workers from outside the EU

June  7, 2016 

Economist Special Report – Looking for a home

May 28, 2016

Lucify – The flow towards Europe

Ville Saarinen and Juho Ojala, May 16, 2016

Politico – Europe helped Greece in its migration hour of need. Now Italy needs help

Stefano Stefanini, May 18, 2016

 ISPI – The Sustainability of African Migration

Lorenzo Rinelli, May 18, 2016

 Full-Lenght Version


PewResearch Center- Origins and Destinations of the World’s Migrants, from 1990-2015


May 17, 2016


ECFR – Eternally displaced: Afghanistan’s refugee crisis and what it means for Europe 

Angela Stanzel,  May 10, 2016

 Full-Lenght Version

ECFR – Bear any burden: how EU governments can manage the refugee crisis

Susi Dennison & Josef Janning, April 29, 2016

 Full-Lenght Version

ECFR – Paying the price: the cost of Europe’s refugee crisis
Sebastian Dullien, April 29, 2016

 Full-Lenght Version

Aymone Lamborelle, April 15, 2016



April 15, 2016


ECFR – Deals without borders: Europe’s foreign policy on migration.
Angeliki Dimitriadi, April 4, 2016

 Full-Lenght Version

EUROPEAN COMMISSION – Back to Schengen – A Roadmap 

March 4, 2016

Anthony Dworkin, February 18, 2016
 Full-Lenght Version

ECFR – Libya’s migrant-smuggling highway: Lessons for Europe.

Mattia Toaldo, November 10, 2015
 Full-Lenght Version
November, 2015

Susi Dennison  & François Godement & Richard Gowan & Daniel Levy & Kadri Liik  & Jeremy Shapiro  & Nick Witney, 09th July, 2015
  Full-Lenght Version

Susi Dennison  & Nick Witney, 23rd June, 2015

Bruegel, Wolf, Making the EU-Turkey deal work




Practicing democracy
Interviews with Calais/Europe illegal immigrants – Africa to England

click here to view the video 

The color Blue, Die Farbe Blau

What does blue mean to a refugee artist

click here to view the video

“Look Beyond Borders – 4 minutes experiment”

There’s a theory that four minutes of eye contact can bring people closer together than almost anything else. Here’s what happened when refugees and Europeans looked beyond borders.

click here to view the video

“L’identité malheureuse” (The Unhappy Identity), by Alain Finkielkraut. Éditions Stock.

“Europe’s Immigration Challenge: Reconciling Work, Welfare and Mobility”, by Elena Jurado and Grete Brochmann. IB Tauris/Policy Network.

“Ali: fear eats the soul”, Rainer Fassbinder (1974)


“Time of the Gypsies”, Emir Kusturica (1990)


“Dirty Pretty Things”, Stephen Frears (2002)

Winner of Brit Indie Awards 2003

“Children of Men”, Alfonso Cuarón (2006)


“Biutiful”, Alejandro Inarritu (2010)

Golden Palm at Cannes for Javier Bardem,  Oscar-nominated for Best Actor in 2011

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