10 November 2014

Social networks try obligatory charity

Viral fakes aim to oblige footballers to devolve World Cup prizes in favour of Gaza victims.

29 July 2014

When football fans get even with the team they love

Football crusaders are running takeovers on incompetent owners.

4 June 2014

Championship Chill in Qatar

The Emirate’s planners are promising the first ‘carbon-neutral’ World Cup and then Fifa realises it does gets hot in those parts…

8 May 2014

The healing power of football

Bosnia-Herzegovina, deeply divided by the Balkan War, finds unity in the World Cup.

15 April 2014

Weaning a legend

The global athlete of the future comes from a small Punjabi farming village in India. A teenager with the body of a giant, he’s now in training at an expensive Florida basketball academy, where sport goes hand in hand with marketing and geopolitics. India’s great hope is named Satnam Singh Bhamara and, in the near […]

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