Turkey’s Presidential Elections: What is Happening and What is Next

The first round ended with a lead by Erdogan but no clear winner. A run-off between Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu will be held on the 28th of May. Who is expected to win and what is the role of Ogan?

“Aid diplomacy”: the geopolitics underlying the Syrian and Turkish earthquakes

In contrast with the rapid and diligent collective response, the UN Security Council appears stuck in passing a resolution for the provision of aid, proving that, even in the face of the disaster, geopolitics still pull the reins of every great international decision.

EU-Turkey energy transition cooperation

An ongoing triple-planetary crisis resulting in an awareness about the need to decarbonize as soon as possible and a need for energy security. What is the role of the EU?

Turkey and the EU: Dialogue to Ensure Energy Security

Energy and decarbonization: a space for cooperation and dialogue between the European Union and Turkey

Turkey lifts veto on Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO

For weeks Turkey and Greece have been veto holders for Finnish and Swedish accession to NATO. Now Ankara has lifted its veto, putting an end to long disputes


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