Attack on Kremlin: Who Is Behind It

What happened in Moscow the morning of May 3, 2023? Who is behind the drones’ attack and what are the consequences. Little is still certain about the accident. However, the repercussions could be significant

Karelia, Kola Peninsula: the importance of northern territories for Russia

From Finland, NATO forces would be able to threaten Russian military infrastructure in the Kola Peninsula and the arctic region, estimated to be one of the most nuclearized regions of the world

No business as usual for Russia? The international community is divided

Despite the Western efforts, Russia still plays a role as an international protagonist on the world stage, and the U.S. call to stop offering “business as usual for Russia in international institutions” is struggling to be heard by the majority of the international community

International law and global institutions: effective means in the fight against Putin?

The suspension of Russia from the UN Human Rights Council constitutes another international response to Putin’s war crimes. But Russia’s veto power continues to hinder the UN Security Council. Does international law only include symbolic value, a lack of consensus and no legally binding power?

China observes the conflict in Ukraine with contempt but learns the lesson with pleasure

While on the one hand China condemns the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in ambiguous terms, on the other hand it learns essential lessons that one day could be handy

Has Russia guaranteed its hegemony over European energy?

As the Russian economy takes a beating due to sanctions and the costs of war, Moscow can rest easy knowing its continued dominance over European energy is all but inevitable

Western sanctions and the weaponization of finance will not save Ukraine

As Ukraine pays the ultimate price in the Russo-American feud, NATO fails in all its grand promises for peace and security

Geopolitical realities clash with Western idealism as Russia invades Ukraine

The Russo-Ukrainian war has demonstrated that the realities of national-security eclipse democratic idealism and economic interests

US engaged in a new Cold war with Russia and China as tensions rise across Eurasia

As NATO eyes Ukraine and diplomatic manoeuvres in the Indo-Pacific create a stranglehold around China, the new cold war seems to be heating up as the US re-implements its old cold war strategies

Russia and China, friends with caution

The learning experience of a group of students returning from a study mission in Moscow as part of the Eastwest European Institute’s “World in Progress” program


Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

Singapore: Who Is Lawrence Wong

Brazil Suffers From Climate Change

Xi Jinping: The Trip To Europe

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