November/December 2016


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Cover story

The anxiety and impotence of citizens faced with the incapacity and ineffectiveness displayed by its political ruling class in handing the new global challenges.

These result in political slogans and the successful rise of personalities that have little to do with the political establishment.

A collective psychosis that hasn't spared any western nations.

An incensed majority provides a political platform for shrill fringe candidates whose management capacity is yet to be established, a process that could be dangerous in itself.

An antidote anyone? Beijing is sponsoring the "Chinese cohabitation model".


Exclusive interview with the green candidate to the Austrian presidency, Alexander Van der Bellen, who for the second time in six months is attempting to defeat Norbert Hofer, whose main political ambition is Öxit (meaning Austria's departure from the EU).

2017: European space odyssey. Elections in Holland, France and Germany could deliver the management of Europe into the hands of inconsiderate nationalist impulses. A risky and hopefully fanciful scenario, but 'unionist' Europe needs to find a new voice and energy to put these risks to bed.


Moderate Islam has recently held elections in Morocco, where the king for the moment is smartly keeping out of the limelight.

The Iranian ayatollahs are hoping to improve their business options in the post-sanction era.

Bangladesh is weak and Pakistan is still hostage to various forms of terrorism.

Colombia stumbles just a few yards short of peace, and Canada a few yards from reaching a game-changing economic agreement with the European Union.

Will the 45th United States President be decisive for both?


The Scent of Money and the Money Games played by the world's major investment funds, the true global power that has no nostalgia for independent national currencies, and in fact can hardly remember them.


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We are proud to inform our readers that as of September (initially as an experiment, but now with a long-term commitment), we have added a German edition to our Italian and English ones. The German edition is on sale now at newsagents and bookshops in Germany, Austria, Germanspeaking Switzerland and South Tyrol. It is important for Eastwest to address a world of public opinion that will be crucial for the future of Europe and a successful European integration process.

It’s not Donald Trump’s slogans that we need to worry about. We’re living in a climate reminiscent of Peter Seller’s timeless masterpiece Being There in which a political leader rises to fame by repeating advertising slogans he’s picked up watching television.

General discontent generates populist nationalisms, which turn the will of the majority against the ruling class.

The failure of the European ruling classes in managing global challenges is the main reason why populists are enjoying such success, but consensus doesn’t mean they can do the job.

A federated Europe would be the best way to repeal anti-establishment movements and could provide the right recipe for the solution of major problems.

The problems afflicting European democracies boost the Chinese approach. Its values are now being exported worldwide.

PART THREE: The answers to our investigation in an exclusive interview with European Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič.

TAXES - Apple: Historic precedent?

After Brexit, even the Netherlands, France and Germany could opt for national sovereignty and spell the end of the EU. Fantasy politics? Perhaps.

The 16 Eastern European countries are moaning. The solutions suggested by Brussels spur new tensions and recent elections are adding to the confusion.

While in Aleppo and many other Syrian cities people are still dying, all hope of dialogue between Russia and the US has gone up in smoke.

During her 64-year reign she has smoothly negotiated wars, scandals and ministers. But Brexit has revived Elizabeth’s imperial nostalgia.

The discovery of national gas deposits could be the turning point that can end the ongoing conflict and boost the island’s economy.

Having weathered the coup, it’s stronger than before. Closer to Moscow and further from Washington, but still in NATO, Erdogan appeals to democratic values and national unity.

Russians don’t fancy Western democracy nor do they wish for a return of USSR-style regimes. They want a government respectful of traditional values.

The Commission’s absurd waiving of its exclusive competence over the trade agreement with Canada shifts the power axis towards nation states.