Guarantee for the lost generation? Italy and Greece data

The EU Commission is trying to save the late implementation of the Youth Guarantee. EU established additional 1.5 billion euro prefinancing, 30% more than initially, to accelerate the slow start of the EU youth strategy. The achievements until now are few and very far from the goal.

Naples, Italy Girls eat from plates of pasta on a church pew, during the occupation of the Basilica del Carmine in Naples April 22, 2008. The basilica has been the temporary shelter to 348 people, belonging to 130 families who arrived on April 4 after they were evicted from illegally built apartment buildings. REUTERS/Dario Pignatelli

In December, the number of young people under 25 years old that are unemployed was around 5 million across Europe. In Italy more than one million and 700 thousands young people do not work and do not study. According to the Ministry of Labor data, 383 thousands young people are registered to the initiative in our country. While 138 thousands of them have been contacted by an employment centre for a first interview, only 11 thousands of them received a job proposal or an internship offer.

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