Mushrooms … good to die for

Mushrooms are a food that we all know, rich in water, iron, phosphorus and zinc, and poor  in lipids and carbohydrates. But do we know them well?

Perhaps many of you do not know that fungi are a critical resource for our environment, because they play a very important role to our ecosystem and they’re  are able to decompose the organic material present in the soil to make it available as nutrients for plants. And everyone know how plants are important to our survival.

The largest distinction that we can do about mushrooms, talking about cooking, is classify them in edible and inedible. In the the edible group we can find porcini,  chanterelles, Oyster Fungus, Morels and many others. But I would like to dwell for a moment on the other category, namely inedible ones which category itself could be tourned into 2 more categories: toxic and poisonus mushrooms.

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