Russia and the Brussels attacks. Moscow is not safer than us.

Zhirinovsky said that if Europe would leave the Russian Special Forces work it no longer have to fear the terrorists, while many prominent politicians from the Duma members to party leaders, blame the Europe itself. The truth is that Russia is safer than Europe.

“If the Europeans can’t manage themselves, let them invite Russia’s Spetsnaz, our special forces. We know how to fight this infection”, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the ultranationalist head of the Liberal Democratic Party, wrote. According to the member of the Duma Alexei Pushkov, NATO should focus on the terrorists rather than “fight the imaginary threat of Russia and send troops to Latvia”. And Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the Communist Party, said that Europe is paying a “blood tribute” for not having joined Putin in the fight against terrorism.

The leitmotiv is that the attack at Brussels airport would not have been committed in Russia. Because of the Special Forces and all the rest. But also because, unlike Western airport – and almost all of those in the rest of the world – even to get in a Russian airport – say, if you go even if only to take a relative of yours – you have to pass through security checks. Bags under the x-ray scanner and metal detector at the entrance. The El Bakraoui brothers, in short, would have been stopped before they even enter the airport.

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