Russia closes Tatar media, but in Crimea no one will complain

As was widely expected, the Russian authorities have closed the last Tatar language independent media outlets in Crimea, including the broadcaster ATR. Many international voices raised against the latest violation of the freedom of expression. But in Crimea nobody cares.

It was only a matter of time. The repression of the freedom of the Tatar community in Crimea had begun even before the annexation of the peninsula, from the very first moves of the military occupation. The shut down of ATR, the last independent channel to broadcast in the Crimea, is only the latest step in order of time of the Russification of Crimea.

The almost complete disappearance of the Ukrainian language in schools, the closure of the Orthodox churches of the Patriarchate of Kiev and the barring of some Tatar community from entering the peninsula, are just some of the pieces of a more structured framework. The closure of ATR has caused complaints by international organizations and foreign political leaders, but so far it seems to be fine for Crimeans.

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