Russia: the truckers’ protest against Putin and the Platon fee

The truckers' protest against new taxes is a rare example of opposition to the power. And it is a proof that, when their interests are involved, the Russians make their voices heard.

One of the proofs that some historians cite to prove the complicity of the entire German people to the Holocaust, is the interruption of Aktion T4. The Nazi eugenic program that consisted in sterilization and even suppression of all the mentally ill and disabled Germans, considered incurable. The Reich was forced to stop the Aktion T4 due to the strong protests of the relatives of the sick. Similar protests neve r took place when the same fate hit the Jews.

Now, using the same method, one could argue that the protests held by Russians truckers these days against the new taxes on the road are proof that when it comes to take the streets against Putin, Russians do it . And that if this doesn’t happen when individual freedoms or LGBT rights, or the war in Ukraine, are at stakes is because, after all, they just don’t care.

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