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SYRIA – A lasting peace plan? US Secretary of State John Kerry is convinced that the Syrian peace agreement which America has signed with Russia will hold together this time.

Everything’s marketable, not just real estate

Due to energy sector slump, investors are looking elsewhere. From real estate to football, major funds are on the lookout for new investments.

Who runs the big investment funds

The funds’ governing bodies must counter mistrust, egoism and corruption by guaranteeing transparency, security and equal opportunity.

Where it all started

Initially the major sovereign funds were set up by oil exporting nations. Now every country with foreign currency reserves can have its own fund.

DOSSIER – The scent of money

They’re known as the market kings, the Masters of the Universe, capable of influencing the salvage or bankruptcy of entire nations and moving billions of dollars with a single click.

Coup and counter-coup

Having weathered the coup, it’s stronger than before. Closer to Moscow and further from Washington, but still in NATO, Erdogan appeals to democratic values and national unity.

POINT OF VIEW – Disappointment rules

While in Aleppo and many other Syrian cities people are still dying, all hope of dialogue between Russia and the US has gone up in smoke.

China’s model wins out!

The problems afflicting European democracies boost the Chinese approach. Its values are now being exported worldwide.

An antidote for populism

A federated Europe would be the best way to repeal anti-establishment movements and could provide the right recipe for the solution of major problems.

Movements try their hand at government

The failure of the European ruling classes in managing global challenges is the main reason why populists are enjoying such success, but consensus doesn’t mean they can do the job.


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